[STICKY] What is going on in this area?

Here's where we talk about my past projects like my books (Commodork and Invading Spaces), my current projects (like podcasts) and my future projects! This is the only area non-registered users can see -- register to see more!

[STICKY] What is going on in this area?

Postby Flack » January 12th, 2013, 7:59 am

When I first set up The Gas Chamber I had set up different message areas for each of my projects. I liked the organization that provided, but the list of forum areas was two pages long. About a year ago I combined them all into one message area. That solved the problem with too many message areas, but introduced a new problem in which I was unable to find anything I was looking for!

This is my third attempt -- a collection of themed "sub-areas" dedicated to various topics. Each of the books I've published and my podcast have their own areas. Then there's a catch all area for future projects, and this area -- consider it the lobby.

Don't get too hung up over "what goes where" -- if you post something in the wrong area, I'll move it. It's no big deal. The ultimate goal is to make things easier for both of us. Hopefully this does that.

EDIT: I enabled quick replies in all the sub-forums. Gah. I don't know why that's not enabled by default.
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