Attention, New Users!

Welcome to the front porch! This is a great place for general conversation, news articles, and anything else!

Attention, New Users!

Postby Flack » January 27th, 2011, 3:18 pm

Hello, and welcome to The Gas Chamber!

The Gas Chamber, named after my old BBS (which itself got its name from an Ice-T song), is a place where my friends and I hang out, chat, laugh, argue, and have a good time. Most of the members here at the Gas Chamber are personal friends of mine. Please treat each other as such.

All users accounts are manually validated. If you are a legit user and haven't been validated in 2-3 days, please drop me an e-mail and I'll get it taken care of. If your alias doesn't appear to have any vowels in it, the chances of your account going straight into the trash are pretty good.

Unregistered visitors can now see a few forums. Registered users can see many more, including the pub, the movie/music/book/tv forum, the computer/tech/security forum, the writer's corner, the flea market, the computer and video game forum, and more. There's nothing super secret going on in there, but we like keeping most of our conversations away from Google's eyeballs. All registered users instantly get access to all those areas!
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