Collecting in the Greenhouse

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Collecting in the Greenhouse

Postby Earl Green » August 31st, 2013, 5:00 pm

Collecting has dropped off considerably in the Green house.

I used to have what I would describe - or at least when I was ten years old I would've described - as a huge video game collection. Probably not huge to most serious collectors, but it was huge to me. Flipped 95% percent of it at OVGE and online. Turns out that I like having a roof over my head and food in the fridge, and emulation does just fine for me. The one collection I didn't reduce at all was the Odyssey2 collection. Everything else, I sold stuff off until those collections were back to their pre-eBay, pre-Digital-Press, pre-AtariAge state, give or take a few homebrews that I'd done the artwork for. Even my one arcade cabinet went out the door, for a fraction of what I'd spent to acquire it.

Used to have a huge collection of CDs and DVDs. Ripped 'em and flipped 'em. Same reason: the content is available to me digitally. Food, clothes, and mortgage payments are not available to me digitally.

The one thing that has been collected on a consistent basis has been toys. Especially now that there are two male children in the house (me and Little E). I acquired a whole collection of Super Mario toys for him a couple of Christmases ago, and he's got a collection of virtually every Sonic character in plush form.

Me? My collection started the same way every one else's did, with the words "Star" and "Wars". When that plastic gravy train petered out, my allegiance shifted to the gigantic ongoing series of Star Trek figures in the '90s, and occasionally backfilling gaps in the Star Wars collection. I stayed with the Star Trek figures - all generations, all series - until they changed scale by over an inch and a half. Nothing loses me faster as a collector than the subtle signal that I've got to start from scratch. Screw that.

The 21st century brought the revived Doctor Who, and the sprawling collection of figures associated with that. Funds and sanity demanded that I be picky; eventually the bulk of my spending was going toward figures from the original series rather than the new series. Doctor Who figures also changed scales this year, going from 5" to "Star Wars scale" (3.75"). They still had some classic series boxed sets of characters in the 5" in the pipeline, which they're releasing throughout this year for the 50th anniversary of the show, but when those run out, I'm done. Actually, if they wanted to keep doing "a boxed set every 2-3 months and one figure every year for San Diego Comic Con" I'd be fine with it - I can just about keep that pace money-wise. And I don't buy each and every one of them; they have to be characters that I'd actually like on the shelf.

Right now, my collecting activity - what little I'm able to afford - is now aimed at the Dragon Models Space Series. These are nice die-cast-metal-with-occasional-pieces-of-plastic display models of various real spacecraft. Here's one I got recently:


...which is pretty decent-sized. The detailing is incredible, and anyone who knows me knows I love this stuff. That ship is in 1/72 scale; they also make shuttles and various rockets in 1/400 scale. Here's one I'd like to get when I can afford to pick it up:


Anyway, you get the idea. They're pretty solid little models. And yes, I totally fly them around the room. And show the boy how NASA used to do it. I'm working on making little placards for each one I pick up, describing the mission, etc.; the idea is that, at some point, I'll set up a display case at the public library or at my son's school or something like that. So other folks can stare at them too. I've had the occasional idle thought over the years about doing an OVGE theme of "space exploration games"; this would certainly enhance the crap out of that idea. (That's not this year's theme though.)

The Dragon Space series is not cheap (then again, they're also not cheaply made), so I've been picking them up at a rate of about 1 every 3-4 months this year. The bigger they are, the more expensive. I've been drooling over the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project set:


...which is a foot long and about $60. You don't even want to know what Apollo 12 goes for:


The only other collecting that's been done is a amassing a small collection - usually on clearance racks or something - of the "vintage collection" Star Wars figures, new figures on old-style packaging. Stores around here are always dispensing with rotating merchandise racks and things like that; at some point I'll acquire one and set about dolling it up with [most likely self-made reproductions of] signage like this ...and put the still unopened vintage collection figures on the aforementioned rack, on display somewhere in my room. Just for giggles. I'm trying to hit major characters from all six movies, and a couple of key Clone Wars characters (though the vintage-style Asohka figure is sky-high for some reason - probably shortpacked), with which to populate this still entirely hypothetical rack.

For me, right now... that's about it. Probably more toys than someone who is technically unemployed should be buying (though I only buy such items with my own money when I earn enough from freelancing that I have a little to spare), but in a way, it's the one kind of collecting that has always been with me, no matter what. (If not for me, then for someone else - recent toy purchases for myself have been put on hold so I can get my son a complete set of the new Ninja Turtles.)
Earl Green

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