Marvel 3.75"

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Marvel 3.75"

Postby Ice Cream Jonsey » February 10th, 2016, 2:31 pm

When I was a kid, if someone had dropped Marvel characters that were the same size as G.I. Joe's, I would have been crazily happy. It appears someone did this a couple years ago if I am remembering right, that 3.75" was the G.I. Joe size.

The default username on Caltrops is "Mysterio," that is, if you don't pick a username it chooses that for you. So I've always had a bit of fondness for Mysterio. It looks like you can get one on Amazon for $23, which seems INSANE to me: ... B00CIZADPC

I want to say figures that size were less than four bucks when we were kids. I know that inflation affects us all in the end, but that still seems like a crazy price. And they are all that way!

How much are those larger, nice-looking Star Wars toys going for? Surely not $23 a piece. Anyone have an idea why the price seems so crazy for the Marvel 3.75?
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Re: Marvel 3.75"

Postby Flack » February 10th, 2016, 3:15 pm

A few random thoughts here.

- Collectibles like those are always high on Amazon. Same figure is $12.95 BIN on eBay.

- Prices reflect availability vs. desirability. I'm assuming these didn't sell great so there aren't as many of them as some other figures, and now the big interest in comic book movies are probably driving prices up slightly.

- All collectibles related to comic books seem to cost a few bucks more.

As for Star Wars figures...

3 3/4 figures: $5-$10 depending on the line.
6" figures: $20
18" figures: $20

Those are MSRP. Amazon/eBay, could be a few bucks more.
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Re: Marvel 3.75"

Postby lethargic » February 10th, 2016, 4:39 pm

I've been looking at the new Batman v Superman figures. They look really cool. I'd like to have them. But they are all 20 dollars each. That is insane. I am not paying that. I don't understand how you can be a kid these days. If toys were 20 dollars when I was a kid all I'd be able to play with is the little cardboard tube from rolls of toilet paper.
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