>> You Don't Know Flack: Podcast Ideas/Status [STICKY]

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Re: >> You Don't Know Flack: Podcast Ideas/Status [STICKY]

Postby ubikuberalles » May 21st, 2014, 12:32 pm

Instead of a podcast about videogame conventions, expand it to ALL conventions you've been to. Hacker Cons, Video game relate cons, VMworld and so on. If you've been to a comic-con or even a gun show, talk about that. I'm sure there are a lot of commonalities in conventions you could address as well as all the differences. What types of people go to these different cons? I'm sure you could have a few comments on those.

Tell memorable stories about them, what's good about the big cons, what's good about the small cons. Tell the bad stuff too. Contrast and compare what's it like to have a table at a con vs. just going as a spectator. You've been on both sides of the table so you would know.

I would say take a trip down memory lane of your con experiences and take notes of anything worth mentioning during that trip. you could probably do several podcasts on those notes. You could probably do one podcast alone on the swag you've gotten from various cons through the years (mostly from work-related cons, I'm sure).

You've already done two podcasts on cons (Hohocon and Kong Off 3) so I'm sure you can do more. Heck, you even organized a couple conventions (if one is loose with the term convention) with your copyfests when you were a kid. Perhaps you could get Jesse on the phone and talk about what one has to do to get a con started. I figure you probably know a couple other con organizers who'd be willing to talk about their experiences.

You already talked with Earl about Star Wars Toys, talk with him about cons. I'm sure he has stories to tell about his con esxperiences. He's videotaped at least one CGE so he could talk about that, at least.

First con experiences might be a topic worth exploring. You covered some of that with your Hohocon podcast but I'm sure there are other con firsts you could discuss. There might be some gems in your first OVGE (when it was called OKGE), VMWorld or DEFCon. Some stories about the first time you had a table at a con might be entertaining.

Was any of this con stuff intimidating to you? My very first non-work con experience (World of Atari 1998) was intimidating to me and I was 38 years old. Of course, my personality is completely different than yours and so you may not have been intimidated by any of it. However, I'm certain your early experiences filled you some kind of awe or excitement, otherwise you'd stop going long ago.

Sounds to me you are merely lacking the inspiration to make a con related blog. Sorry but, other than the ideas above, I can't help you there (I could show you a little leg but I doubt you would appreciate it. You're welcome for the visual ;)).

Re: >> You Don't Know Flack: Podcast Ideas/Status [STICKY]

Postby boatofcar » July 9th, 2015, 4:29 pm

Have you thought about doing an episode about all the online communities that have meant something to you over the years? Maybe start with the local BBS's, then Usenet (if you were into that), then DP, etc?

Re: >> You Don't Know Flack: Podcast Ideas/Status [STICKY]

Postby Ice Cream Jonsey » July 9th, 2015, 10:16 pm

Yes. I would die a happy man if Flack were to include the time spent with Caltrops and JC in that round up.
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Re: >> You Don't Know Flack: Podcast Ideas/Status [STICKY]

Postby Flack » July 10th, 2015, 8:29 am

That's an interesting idea -- I'm not sure how I would do that but, it's interesting.

The only enjoyment I get from Caltrops is making fake names and tormenting Tdarcos.
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Re: >> You Don't Know Flack: Podcast Ideas/Status [STICKY]

Postby KeroroGunso » August 15th, 2016, 10:53 pm

How about RC cars? I never hear anyone mention those and they were huge in the mid-80's. Before we could drive, we spent all our free time buying and racing them. I couldn't skateboard, since I'm so uncoordinated I can't walk a straight line, so that was my big time suck from back then.
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